Spliteq was formed to optimise the benefits of patented products that have been researched and perfected over many years to enhance the effectiveness of existing products produced by others, or on their own increasing the efficiencies of water usage in a natural and eco-friendly manner.

These products are sourced under license from Mosmart / Weteq and GrowMaster. Although initially the focus was on Agriculture, other areas identified that benefit from the products are:

  • Hand and Surface Sanitiser – SABS approved
  • Roads – sand and gravel management
  • Dust Suppression
  • Mining Process enhancements
  • Water and Sanitation Treatment
  • Fire Fighting
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of steam

These are the primary areas of focus under which this business continues to grow and thrive. The name Spliteq has significance as we are splitting technologies to further enhance the outcome of products through their applications in exciting new fields, where dealing with water, soil and plants.

Spliteq is all about indigenised service to meet the customer needs through successful long-term sustainable results, cost effectively and efficiently.

Industries Serviced


Sustainable agriculture is of utmost importance to Spliteq. Our  use of Moringa, Activated Biochar and Marine3 as our foundation products allows us to enable real savings through the reduction of water usage in agriculture.

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Dust Suppression

Dust control during road resurfacing and routine gravel road maintenance is a major part of our business that focusses on gravel road transformation and maintenance of such surfaces. Dust control is a major issue on all mines creating a Health and Safety issue which is a key focus area of the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME). With M3T 3005 we suppress dust up to .1 microns, resulting in the achievement of regulatory safety standards and has added advantage of reduced plant maintenance. With our products we beneficiate the mining processes helping in the clean-up and recovery of mining product. This is done in an environmentally and sustainable manner.

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Hand Sanitation

Hand Sanitation is becoming a way of life but is a grudge purchase!! Our dispensers allow you one to save money with up to 12000 sprays per 5L, while providing highly visible advertising on the unit, as your front line support to covid19. With our SABS approved non-alcohol based hand sanitiser, offering a “skin friendly products” that has natural ingredients for sanitising and at the same time provides healing, and growth properties eliminating the need for additional hand treatments due to continued exposure to harsh chemicals.

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Water Treatment

Water is life!! But each day we contaminate and pollute our water sources. This is a focus area of Spliteq as we have the means to save on the capacity of water plants and clean-up water to be pumped into our rivers and dams with an environmentally friendly solution.

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Firefighting – Water Treatment

Fire is a major risk for all around the world and has a huge impact on the ozone layer depletion. Fire can destroy people’s lives, property and livelihoods; fire suppression is a major factor that needs to be considered when fighting fires. Our products help suppress any fire be it veld, chemical, fuel and oil, with a single product reducing costs and time on site.

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