Sustainable food security is foremost for nations throughout the world.  A rapidly growing world population has resulted in resources being stretched and over use of chemical based fertilizer which is harmful to the planet.

SPLITEQ’s focus is to provide Agriculture with a cost effective, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Our focus is on natural products that are both water efficient and continue to give back to the planet.

Spliteq has partnered with GrowMaster, a company focused on fertiliser and natural feed growth organics to create long terms sustainable solutions to soil fertilization to assist farmers in the natural quest to deliver sustainable growth. GrowMaster has focused on Moringa (The tree of life) as a fertiliser and cattle fodder through research conducted by Graz University in Austria. This product has been registered with the Department of Agriculture as a fertilizer. Results have been spectacular to say the least.  Another focus of GrowMaster is activated Biochar which takes alien vegetation and through processes using such to help long term sustainability of land.

SPLITEQ products offered:

  • Activated Biochar
  • Moringa Liquid Fertiliser
  • M3T Micronized & Emulsified Lime
  • M3T wetting and sticking agent
  • Yield shift – Plant Booster
  • M3T 3005 wetting and descaling
  • Novel surfactants, coagulants, flocculants and antimicrobials
  • WRD-P central pivot tracks

By teaming up with WETEQ, a Luxemburg based chemistry company focused on innovative water solutions, Spliteq has tailored solutions that are focused on helping farmers achieve long term sustainable results naturally. With 70% of all water been used in agriculture, this is a resource that needs to be wisely used, as by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population is projected to face water scarcity, according to the United Nations.

SPLITEQ has taken the research and development of these companies to achieve the following:

  • Water and electricity savings
  • Cost effective fertilization
  • Ease of use of product
  • Natural long-term sustainable
  • Enhanced production and quality of agricultural products

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