Firefighting – Water Treatment

Water science and engineering has enabled our partnership to solve many of the present issues regarding firefighting in term of water and chemical clean-up. in a natural inexpensive
eco -friendly manner.

“Naturally enhancing water” saves!!

  1. Water & protects our planet
  2. One product added to H2O can be used for all fires, except electrical fires.
  3. Save money
  4. Increase of Productivity
  5. Increases efficiencies
  6. Positive Environmental impacts 
  7. Improves Operational safety of firefighter 

Through our partnership with WETEQ, an industry leading Luxembourg-based cleantech company, with a proprietary portfolio of innovative natural chemistry-based solutions for water treatment.
We are able to assist firefighting worldwide with a single product that is added to water and used in any fire circumstances effectively and efficiently.
Through the addition of novel surfactants, coagulants and flocculants we have the ability to help all firefighting organisation or farmers responsible for all their own fire suppression.

By having water science and engineering on our side, allows one product to fulfil all roles when fighting fires:

  • Cloth, paper, grass and forest fires – Water
  • Electronic fires – Carbon Dioxide & Dry Powder
  • Oil & Fuel fires – Foam

All these products are replaced by adding our single product to water, which is eco-friendly

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