Hand Sanitation

The Hand Sanitizer   used in the dispensing units is manufactured in South Africa under license from WETEQ a Luxemburg chemistry company that use novel surfactants, coagulants, flocculants and antimicrobials. This allows the product to wet the hands sufficiently with minimum product being applied.  This product is fully approved as a Hand Sanitiser (HS) by SABS as a non-alcohol hand sanitiser

Spliteq realizes that Hand sanitation will be the new normal for the foreseeable future.

Its time to maximize your spend through building your brand awareness and reducing your overheads through optimizing the dispensing of sanitizer. Focusing on our clients we believe that it is important to make the best of an opportunity and try achieving results that are beneficial for all. To this end we have created a unit that is fundamentally a brand building billboard , that does the job of a Hands Free Sanitiser unit. At a cost of under R2000 ex Vat it is well worth it. Savings are realized through low dosages required resulting in +/- 12000  applications per 5L and not requiring staff to  apply  the hand sanitizer.

The WETEQ hand sanitiser in addition to being non-alcohol based, has healing properties  which provide relief  with  Enzema, mild abrasions and cuts on the skin. The hand sanitiser has had many testimonies from clients of nail growth stimulation and general hand health.

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