Dust Suppression, Gravel Road Resurfacing and Maintenance

Water science and engineering has enabled us to have the most efficient dust suppression and dust binding product. As tested by CSIR – Chamber of Mines our product can capture particle sizes of 0.1micron when mixed with H2O. This means that we can capture most dust, even those unseen by the human eye. By reducing the micron size down to a 0,1micron in water we are effectively reducing the surface tension of water thus allowing dust to be encapsulate by the product and water.

How do we save you money?

  1. Lower CAPEX costs
  2. Lower OPEX costs
  3. Increase of Productivity
  4. Greater efficiencies
  5. Environmental impacts 
  6. Operational safety 

Through our partnership with WETEQ a vibrant Luxembourg-based cleantech company with a proprietary portfolio of innovative chemistry-based solutions for water treatment.
We are able to assist our customers to reduce costs, increase process efficiency, be compliant and more eco-friendly by solving water and dust challenges.
Through novel surfactants, coagulants and flocculants we have the ability to get greater penetration of product in gravel roads and binding with polymers make roads with a longer life time on these surfaces.

By having water science and engineering on our side allowing us to get the roads stabilised with 100% natural products on a cost-effective basis, giving us a key advantage over our competitors.

This also allows us the ability to assist in other areas such as dust suppression throughout a mine or quarry process.

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